Enterprise Site Build/Transfer

Enterprise Site Build/Transfer


Your business deserves a dynamic, powerful, and impressive website that speaks to customers the way your business does. We take it all into account, from major themes like user flow and branding touchpoints to minute details like typography and image tag optimization for search engines. Want to corner the market and spread across the continent? Then the Enterprise site is the choice for you, and we’ll make you look and feel fantastic. Fangorn websites aren’t just digital signposts, they’re emotion-evoking storytelling assets that confidently convert visitors to advocates.

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Further details regarding the Enterprise Site:

  • Every website made by Fangorn Media is:

    • Lightning fast

    • SEO-optimized

    • SSL secured

    • Reflective of the client’s desired brand identity

    • Built to our highest standards

    • Compatible with GSuite

    • Responsive on computers, tablets, and smartphones

    • Integrated with Google Analytics for tracking

    • Capable of promotional announcement bars and site pop-ups

    • Unlimited in regards to bandwidth and storage

    • Linked to social profiles and email marketing

  • Site is planned to be 15+ pages. Sites of this size are typically more custom-fit to the business they serve. To build on the standard pages (Home, About, Contact, etc) you might want an FAQ page, services drilled down, outlining business processes, product descriptors, and so forth.

  • Written Copy and Imagery must be supplied by the client or Fangorn Media can generate it for an additional fee.

    • Add-ons like these and the one below can be found among other Squarespace offers on the Services page.

  • Want a freaky-fast four week turnaround?

    • We’ll have it done within a month - get it expedited.