Full Service VIP

Full Service VIP


Let’s get to work on building an engaged, vibrant, enthusiastic online community that not only brings in revenue but has a good time doing it. We work as your marketing team for anything and everything digital that you might need. This is as VIP as it gets for Fangorn Media. Our Full Service Marketing plan gets you growing consistently, with trackable results that build your business. We get you moving up in your industry and in the eyes of your potential customers.

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Further details regarding the Full Service VIP plan:

  • This is a monthly service and our minimum contract length is 3 months, with payment happening at the end of the month - we believe the work should be done first, payment second. Here’s what’s included:

    • Full access to Fangorn Media graphic design team for content creation

    • Social Media Optimization free of charge

    • Facebook content posting, calendar, and inbox management so that customers don’t go unnoticed and new audiences are continually pulled into your online sphere of influence

    • Social media event management and marketing

    • Email marketing through (preferably) MailChimp or other similar vendor

    • SEO content creation and posting to your website

    • Reputation management as a part of SEO and customer service efforts

    • Full reporting, analysis, and consultation on a monthly basis


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